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Meet Our Team


Dana Minacapelli

Dana started her journey in the veterinary field in 2004 as a kennel attendant for an animal shelter. She immediately fell in love with the profession and nurtured her passion for helping animals that were in desperate need of a second chance.  After leaving the shelter to move to Houston, Dana managed a few private practice hospitals in the Houston area, helping them grow from single doctor practice to multi doctor practices with strong revenue and new client growth.  Dana has since worked with several PE backed consolidators often during the start up phase of the business to help grow revenue, optimize operations, and protect employee engagement. She thrives in helping to lay the foundation for Operational excellence and creating a road map that can be used to scale the business..

    Julia Tanner

    My name is Julia and I am super excited to help out your clinic during your journey with us! Whether you just need weekly help to keep your clinic running smoothly as you hire a great full time manager or you're looking to expand your horizons and have need of our consulting services, I'm here to support you. My background in veterinary medicine started from the ground up. I was hired fresh out of college as a receptionist and within two years I was managing my first team. I have worked in every department and for both private practices and corporations. I know the power of a customer focused, relationship centered practice and will always aim to keep your policies and clinic personality in mind as I help out your practice. 


    Of course I am more than just operations. I have a packed house with more chickens than I probably need, dogs (Loki and Sierra) and cats (Charlie, Aria, and Freyja.) I spend my free time writing, painting, baking and practicing yoga. I have a love for tea, brownies, and all things pickle flavored.

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